Gratitude in Droves

It's been an insurmountably hard season for us as of late. 

Between both Daryl and me having our incomes cut in half this past month, we're barely making ends meet. We've effectively had to cancel Christmas and come to terms with an empty tree on Christmas morning, as we struggle to figure out how we're going to buy basic necessities. We're trying hard to rethink things as we map out how our future is going to look.

But somehow, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and with joy. I am calm, I am level, and I am content. (Why? How? I have no idea.) I always lean toward melancholy in times like these - but whether this is a total fluke or whether a switch flipped in my brain after altogether too much sadness, it doesn't matter. I'm taking this happiness, this contentedness, and I'm stuffing it into every one of my pockets; I'm cramming into my drawers, into our fridge and our pantry, and into all of our closets. I'm shoving it up my nose and in my ears. I'm brimming with it, and I'm not squandering it for anything. 

We are so richly blessed. We have so much compared to so many. 

I am grateful for a roof over our heads; for food in our tummies; and for the love we have in our home. Barring my fear that we won't make ends meet, barring the great uncertainty I have over what the future holds for us, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are okay. We will be alright, and we are at this moment just fine. 

I am happy, I am loved, and I am blessed beyond measure. 

I want to make a concerted effort to keep my joy afloat; especially once the new year rolls around and those dark and hollow winter months settle in. Follow me on Instagram and watch me try (really try!) to maintain a steady stream of gratitude in a #30daysofgratitude marathon. 

I'm pushing myself to create more; to photograph more; to write more; to express more. And so today, on Day 1, I'm putting these two on my platform. My guy and my girl; they are nearly all I need.